A great point in favor of a Google Chromebook and Chrome OS

"Chromebooks make great guest computers if people ever want to borrow a computer; my parents stayed a week and my dad simply logged on with his Gmail account and was happy as a clam, with zero effect on me. Also, there is a guest login that doesn’t require any Google account at all

Great article by Ben Thompson

Writers Block

Q: “How do you deal with writers block?”

A: “Writer's block is a phony, made up, BS excuse for not doing your work.”

- Jerry Seinfeld, taken from a Reddit AMA

Nosce Te Ipsum - (Know Thyself)

Have the conversation in your mind.

Is what I'm doing making me happy?

Is this process worth my time?

How can it be improved?

Is what I'm doing creating harm for me or others?

Is what I'm doing creating good for me or others?

Who am I trying to please by doing this?

Is it worth the effort?

…then act appropriately.